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Hear ye, hear ye! Step back in time with a Renaissance fashion show – New Day Northwest

nights mermaids fairies and royalty are convening in Bonney Lake for Washington’s midsummer Renaissance Faire a celebration capturing fans imaginations for the last decade Shana KC and the characters from Mary wicker here with the costumes that helped transport guests back in time so the costumes I’ve already seen are amazing how much time does it take to put these together it depends we have quite a few seamstresses that are here actually showcasing the outfits and it takes them from days to weeks to months it just depends on the style of outfit that they’re doing they’re so impressive am Arabic is the fantastical city that we visit when we go to the fair correctional town that we built and they’re celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s visit basically it’s so fantastic shall we see our first group of models absolutely get ready everybody this is really cool so we he is a soldier an English soldier from goods company basically he’s wearing a standard he’s got a his shirt a tunic and some trousers and a sore and a sword because he’s a protector of the realm so where does the research happen for all of these to the individual seamstresses do them yes so some of them are experts in the Elizabethan or Renaissance style type clothing so they absolutely have studied it and you know it’s it’s very immersive that doesn’t more than I do thank you very much leather and cloth and the whole thing here we have English working class and they’re both wearing versions of a curtal and a curtal is the dress as you see and they’re also wearing linen shirts that actually looks fairly comfortable but how does that hard bodice fit and feel you’ve got one two I do actually and this is for the support so back then they use these for the support you know and actually over here on the right she has a shimmy it’s a little bit different it’s not as thick can his embroidered I think on the edges there so just two different styles of the working class that that’s very cool thank you very much she just gave me a little curtsy it was so cute all right here we have some what we consider English middle-class also a version of the curdle but it she has also wearing a waistcoat which is that very nice embroidered jacket one of our seamstresses that was just out she actually made that you know she’s hours and hours of embroidery yeah give him on that coat right he’s wearing the a doublet also yeah and you’re wearing hose which was standard for that time and also trousers and hat so very interesting I love the feather in the cap thank you very much st. colors since are we working our way up the classes we are Venera yes we are we have out now so a lot of our characters are actually their historical she is playing and let me just remember Elizabeth Talbot who’s a countess she’s a British she’s a British royal an English royal and how would I know what about her costume would identify her as a royal definitely the fabrics used she’s wearing this beautifully embroidered shimmy which is the blouse you know only Royals and very high in that middle class women will go for that kind of fabric because it’s so intricate exact and labor you can see you know all that trim so it’s very labor intensive it’s beautiful thank you very much and then we go straight into the top we’re going to the Royals now we have Spanish Royals actually that come to our festival part of our fun storyline is the king of Spain is they’re trying to woo queen elizabeth so this is king philip and his daughter so they’re making some sort of alliance he hopes he hopes he’s hoping to win the hearts of england that’s part of our storyline that’s beautiful princess Isabella you can catch them you know the next two weekends of the Renison that is a gorgeous dress Spanish Renaissance royal outfits right now you can imagine the number of hours trying to put that together thank you very much so you have different themes weekends right as people come out and this is the 10th anniversary of the event what’s new this year so what’s new this year we have a great new joust troop that they’re professional stunt people so it’s just very exciting we have more on horseback on horseback yes on horseback and they also kind of you know fight and combat through the thing we have a pub crawl which is a lot of fun so people can experience there we go they can’t get important things right they can take a very intimate tour of merriwig and you know stop at all our pubs and get it’s just a lot of fun you what about the food well let’s see turkey legs is a definitely a staple if you’re not getting a turkey leg then you’re not doing it right that’s one of the most fun things and it’s absolutely delicious so how did you go about coming up with the the city itself and building it so what we did was we picked an area and a queen Elizabethan era and we kind of built everything around that so all the people and the styles are immersive into that time it’s about 1577 and are in our fictional super interesting there’s also camping and nightlife yes so we love it we have Friday night parties so we want patrons to come then we want them to camp we want them to stay Friday and Saturday nights because we have awesome entertainment that’s great in a system Bonnie Leigh it’s ambani lay yourself a little bit of time yes what’s your favorite part of this what’s not my favorite part is the bigger a bigger question I just love all of this you know it’s it’s a family you know we are hundreds of people come together to build merry wick and bring it to life and that camaraderie and seeing all the smiling thousands of people right to our door that’s great for kids as well because we actually learn history there is historical stuff and also tons of firsts for them to do you know so I mean dozens of activities for children so they’re doing them all ages so awesome yeah awesome that’ll be their first giant turkey leg yes and they’re about 2 pounds so imagine have that in a beer and see how long it takes before you nap thank you very much everybody thank you so much the Washington midsummer Renaissance Fair runs for two more weekends at the Kelley farm and Bonney Lake new day viewers can get a 25% discount when you buy your tickets online just use this code King 25

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