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Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes | Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: The real issue is not like “What are you going to eat or not eat?” The real issue is “How are you still going to be doing it a year from now?” That’s the issue. TeriAnn Trevenen: It’s a lifestyle, not just a small change. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: And I talk so much about what that means. When you say, “You’ve got to change your lifestyle,” it’s not a diet. TeriAnn Trevenen: Fully embracing it. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: What does that mean? TeriAnn Trevenen: And changing everything, your house, in your house, out of your house, where you’re going, being prepared. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Here’s what lifestyle means. It’s three things. These are the essentials of a lifestyle change, not a diet change. It’s essential as AIR, A.I.R. That’s the acronym.

A is for automaticity. You’ve got to make your new behaviors and habits so ingrained that they’re automatic, like brushing your teeth. And the reason that’s so important is because willpower will fail you. You cannot rely on your willpower to be executing under stress. Jonathan Hunsaker: You can for the first three days, right? Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Exactly. Jonathan Hunsaker: And then after that? Absolutely. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: But then when the shit hits the fan, you know, it’s got—so think about how you brush your teeth. It’s like you keep brushing your teeth even when your spouse is in the hospital, because it’s triggered by a certain time of day, a certain location, a certain—that’s how you’ve got to be weaving in your eating.

Now you leave yourself on your own recognizance to set that up, you’ll fail. But take my hand, I’ll teach you how to set that up so that your eating is happening automatically. The right thing to eat is the easiest thing to eat is the thing you are eating, no matter the conditions. So, automaticity. Identity. Like you, Jonathan, are a nonsmoker. Jonathan Hunsaker: Right. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Deep, deep. Jonathan Hunsaker: That’s true. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Doesn’t matter the situation you’re in. Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely. Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson: You’ve got to become someone who is a certain kind of eater, a Bright Line eater, a Bright-Liner, or whatever, like a healthy eater. However you want to language it to yourself, it’s not “No, I can’t eat that because it’s not on my diet.” No, it’s like “No, thank you. I don’t eat that.” “I don’t eat that,” like “I don’t smoke.” Right? Identity.

And then the third one is resume. You have to have a flexibility and a way of getting back on track, because nobody’s perfect, right? Like perfection is not available for human beings living on Planet Earth. And anyone who’s naturally slender, like you, TeriAnn, you are resuming back to a certain level of healthy eating naturally, right? Like when you veer, yes? When you veer, don’t you kind of get back on track? TeriAnn Trevenen: For sure. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: And there’s something in you that says “Ugh, I’ve kind of gone too far.” TeriAnn Trevenen: And I don’t like it, yeah. I don’t like it. And it’s nice for me to get back to where my center is. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Exactly. TeriAnn Trevenen: I call it my center. But like my center of where I want to be. And I love that feeling of coming back.

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Yes, and those of us who don’t have a heavy magnetic pull back to a center, we have to create it externally. That’s what the Bright Lines help to do, and that’s what the community helps to do, that’s what the program helps to do. We’re basically jury-rigging ourselves to be like you, because our brains don’t give it to us for free. TeriAnn Trevenen: Rewiring your brain. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Yeah. TeriAnn Trevenen: I think that’s a great way to close this out, talking about the holidays. AIR. Will you say those three one more time? Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson: Automaticity, Identity, and Resume. Jonathan Hunsaker: Did you like the video? Give us a big thumbs up below, and if you’re not subscribed yet, click the subscribe button, and we’ll see you on the next video.


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