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Fashion Nova SUMMER Try-on Haul

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys another fashion nova haul I went on to fashion nova to get one item and Here I am with multiple items this is the bag it came in I didn’t pick much up this time I just picked up a couple dresses and a bodysuit I will have these items linked down below the first item is this black bodysuit that I picked up in a size small the name of this bodysuit is the somebody to love lace Teddy I do have this one already in white so I figured I just wanted to pick it up in black this is how it looks I’ll definitely have to wear some covers because as I mentioned this is see-through so you will end up seeing everything this is what it looks like this is the back I payed $for that Teddy the next item I picked up was this neon ish dress I did get this in a medium and the name of this one is the Medusa midi dress and this one cost $this is how it looks I know neon was big last year but I do believe neon will be big this summer I did not go for neon as you can see I love grey grey is my color grey as a neutral color for me so for me the neon green is a pop of color this is a midi dress so it is on the longer side yeah the third dress that I picked up is this leopard body moves midi dress and I picked this one up in a size small this I just envisioned with a nice blazer over it you know on a night out for dinner with a black blazer if you haven’t figured this out by now I love me a blazer I wear Blazers with pretty much any and everything so just to you know cover up a little bit I would most likely wear a black blazer maybe even a jean jacket just to dress this down a little bit but this is how it looks it’s nice and long not sure does have a little split in the back but not too long some spaghetti straps which is why I would probably wear a jacket over it it feels really nice it’s so soft not sure what this material is this is really stretchy for someone like me who I just love being comfortable I well might wear items that are tight yes but for the most part I love being comfortable I love dresses like this that just snug you in however you sit down and comfortable you can breathe you don’t feel like you’re suffocating then lastly I picked up this dangerous python snake midi dress in a size small as you can see most of the dresses I picked up were midi dresses I don’t really like short dresses I have bigger thighs and I just think that longer length dresses look better they fit better and it’s easier when you go to put on something over it for it to not look so short this is the dress like I said it is longer it does have slits on the side that are on the longer side when I saw this dress I pictured it with a jean jacket with some sneakers I wasn’t thinking of dressing this dress up to be honest with you I picked this dress up to dress it down throughout the summer for me it’s easier to just throw a dress on instead of just you know trying to find an outfit atop bottoms throw a dress on this dress does tie I would probably either tie it in the front or in the back just to mix things up a little bit those were all the items

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