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The hits and misses of Met Gala 2019 fashion

Baby names for Megan and Harry’s bundle of joy and folks still cannot get over the lot a scene on Game of Thrones here’s Marcella Warfield with what’s trending hey Marcel hey Larry a lot coming today all things Met Gala let’s talk about the hits in the mix with the outfits you know your girl cardi B oka she killed it all right she wore a red film brown gown and it was a huge train had a feather she’s been out on the swim cap on line they’re loving it eazy-e says she looked like the Queen of Hearts and she did now let’s go to our girl Lady gaga Vicki she did that she starts off in this huge pink gown and then she removes that she gave with the full performance she removes that gown she’s in a beautiful black flute gown and by the end of that she’s down to her bra and underwear so that’s what we’re looking for you gotta kill it like that if you’re gonna do the Met Gala you got to do it like Lady gaga all right so that brings us to our Miss that’s our friend Katy Perry who thought she was gonna light up the red carpet dress as a chandelier on Twitter it’s not going over well they’re saying you know she just looks awful okay and on to some amazing news so print airy and mega Markel they had their baby boy yesterday the crowd goes wild so Larry you know what this means this brings us to our main guesses all right so the top three names are actually Alexander James an author so we want to know what do you guys think so you can wait in on our social media pages that’s wusa9 all right and on to our final trending story that’s the Game of Thrones Cup if you saw it on in Sunday’s episode there was actually a cup everyone thought it was a starbucks cup in one of the scenes so twitter went bananas even starbucks jumping on the phone saying you know maybe she ordered a dragon drink okay well HBO came and cleared it all up it was a cup left exid I’m accidentally in the shot but it wasn’t Starbucks just a craft latte and actually de neri actually ordered herbal tea so Larry that’s all cleared up for us I hope you’re having a great Tuesday I’ll see you guys tomorrow thank you sir as always we appreciate it I like the name author what do you think it sounds very regal how appropriate right stay with us

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