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This Extra Thing Will Help Your Career As Music Producer

What if I told you that you can actually raise your rates just by adding little value to your service so grab your snacks drinks because we’re gonna talk something awesome today. from the last video I talked about value I explained what is value and I can and then yeah I give you a little bit example on how you can use your value to make a product from little to no budget at all in this video we still talk about value but I’m gonna expand it a little bit further to the point where we can use our value to rise our rates.

We can use our value to rise our rates, yeah right. for those of you don’t know who I’m my name is Kayoubi, I’m a music producer. And I have been creating music for 7 years. before we get to the main topic I want we have the same definition so I try to open up Google.. so what I found is.. Value.. the regard that wait.. of something and I want to highlight on the word “worth” here you see human is different you mean we have we have different set of skill we different set of value you may be good at creating orchestral music while I may be good in mixing or mastering and as we know that human is social being that means we need each other and that means at some point I might be need your help to create me an orchestral music and..

Other times that you might need in my help – mixing and mastering for your music and also there are lots of composers out there who are just like us the question will be how to differentiate – to you, me, and other composers out there? The answer is Value I will give you a brief example let’s say that there are two composers. Composer A & Composer B Composer a, they will charge you for.. let say $200 for each (of) music And composer B will charge you like a thousand dollar for each music. But they were they were there is $800 of gap between composer A and composer B. Composer A only provide you the music, which means you only get the music, that’s all. Whilst the Composer B they will provide you like music and 2 times of revisions, mixing and mastering. Let’s say that you have budgets so which composer you would choose? If I if I was the client and I would choose Composer B even though it is higher than Composer A but I have my own reasons Firstly I I don’t have to find another mixing and mastering engineer.

Secondly I don’t have to worry or concern about the changes that I will make in the future because in the beginning I already know that I only have two revisions so for me the value of composer B is higher than composer A Even though the price is higher than composer A the value itself doesn’t necessarily to be a set of skill. It can be something that you can or willingly to offer to your client. It can be.. even your experience in the past maybe you have partnered with majors companies before so.. I usually do that trick but I… I provide with I provide my client with legit portfolio as well The next thing you need to do is telling the people.

Let say that I’m your future client how do I know that you are composer and make music if you never told me . I wouldn’t know so you still need to do some marketing stuff. Let people know who you are and what you can do. Your capabilities. As for the – marketing stuff.. it can be another topic for another video so that’s all for me I hope this can be something useful for you the conclusion is there are two things that you can do to step up your game firstly you need to know about yourself and also about your core value secondly you need to speak and let the people know who you are what you can do So that’s it, Kayoubi signing off the air and see you on the next video. (Consider subscribing guys :D) And this time for real. BOOM! .

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